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Matthew Armstrong aka Living Parable turned 5 today!

Matthew Armstrong aka Living Parable turned 5 today!

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DSLR’s Filmmakers: BlackMagic Cinema Camera is One to Watch!

Get this:

It’s a $3k camera that shoots 2.5k RAW footage uncompressed straight to an included Solid State Drive and comes equipped with a Canon EF mount. 
It has 13 stops of Dynamic Range!

A large touch screen serves as both the menu system and a nice monitor. 
It has audio in and internal mic. 

SDI out. 
Headphone jack.
Are we dreaming? 

P.S. I think this is my next camera.

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Acoustic at the Incarnation

Work: Live video production, editing, web development, brand/marketing
Link: http//

I was hired to shoot a live performance of AIR REVIEW in a very unique setting for the band: the Church of the Incarnation in Dallas.

In the midst of stained glass and candle light this up-and-coming indie rock band performed a (sort of) acoustic set that was both intimate and rocking. It was a beautiful evening.

Originally we were just going to make a little promo video out of the content, but today AIR REVIEW released

I created a one page website where Acoustic at the Incarnation lives. Its a series of videos from that evening that will be released over time.

What do you think?

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If it doesn’t Spread, It’s Dead.

Hey artists!!!
How do we go from obscurity to success in our current system?

thanks to for sharing this video.

Here are some highlights from the video:

  • People are more engaged when they can participate and claim ownership
  • Unauthorized distribution can help the product (constructive) vs Piracy that exploits the product (destructive)
  • Independent artists: obscurity is more of a problem than piracy
  • There are bigger audiences than ever before, but building a market for our products is less guaranteed than it ever has been
  • People who engage in something small like kickstarter are more likely to engage in a larger social media campaign sometime in the future

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8 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site With Google+ | Social Media Examiner



Plan Your Next Road Trip with The Ingenious US Interstates Subway Map [Travel]

I thought someone might enjoy this as much as I did.

Plan Your Next Road Trip with The Ingenious US Interstates Subway Map [Travel]

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5 Reasons Why 2012 is the Year to Put your Art Online

5 Reasons Why 2012 is the Year to Put your Art Online

Even if you’ve been a diehard gallery artist your entire life, this is the year to put your art online. Here’s … read more


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Music Video I Shot, “Warrior Song”, Premiered on E! Network on New Years!!!

A bit of the back story:
A few months ago I was becoming really anxious and desperately wanted to shoot a music video. As a filmmaker, i feel that music videos can be an incredible way to showcase your talent in a way that is very palatable and engaging (with the right song).
Right about the same time that my itch to shoot a music video was reaching almost unbearable levels I received a call from a producer who had been given my name. I’d never shot a music video before but they liked my work and asked if I would come on as the Director of Photography for a music video. I said yes, a couple weeks later we shot for two full days and wrapped. The director Bob Hedlund did a great job and wrote a great script. The set designs had some cool factor that was exciting. And I felt I did my best to capture the vision of the director even though I had to improvise in ways I had never done before since we were missing certain equipment we thought we would have (this included me hanging off the side of the roof on roughly a 6 story building). In the end I thought the video could end up being pretty stellar for my first music video and that it would probably have an indie-style internet only release. I think this was the feeling of all the crew. 

Little did I know that this music video would premier on National TV on the E! Network on NEW YEARS!!! 
As part of their New Years Eve special, E! brought the artist, Hildegunn, on to talk about style and fashion and to discuss her new album release “Share Your Secret”. And apparently they thought so highly of the video to “Warrior Song” that they chose to debut the video.

I am not sure how this has happened, but it has happened. I am very grateful and have much to say about the things this experience and fortune has taught me. 
Here’s the video:

"Warrior Song"
Hildegunn Gjedrem
GroundUP Music 2011.
Video produced by Timothy Scott.
Video directed by Robert Hedlund.
Director of Photography Matthew Armstrong
Music and lyrics by Hildegunn Gjedrem.
Music produced by Michael League.

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CLIENT WORK: Seryn Custom Facebook Page


WORK: Created custom Facebook page with custom coding, custom design, and custom introduction video. Design gives emphasis on three most important actions for visitors to take: “Liking” their page, getting their album, and signing up to get email updates. 

Photos provided by Chelsea Criss Photography
Video was shot and editing by me (see the video below)
There is an unprecedented opportunity via these social networks to grow an audience and engage your fan base to support your success. However, few people really understand all the ways things like facebook can be used or how to use these tools effectively. 

I support my clients success by helping them learn how to use these social tools effectively. I also  specialize in create custom designs and media for engaging users and gaining exposure. 


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Latest Video: Seryn Tour Promo



My DSLR rig

Testing my rig before flying out tomorrow to shoot Seryn ( in Atlanta. My dslr rig with hands-free shoulder mount, follow focus, 15mm rods, and tripod quick release mount with (borrowed) bogen manfrotto tripod.

Not pictured here is the shotgun mic and lcd monitor.

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Obsessed with Facebook Infographic

It speaks for itself. People are crazy… and Facebook isn’t going anywhere. Whether you are an artist or a business, you need to discover how to best utilize this “Obsession”. I came across this info graphic while designing and coding a custom facebook page for one of my favorite clients (details to be released soon!). 
Which statistic did you find the most shocking? 

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And guess why they look this.



Camera Shutter Sounds Become Music



Attention Photographers: Know Your Rights

Don’t get pushed around by kangaroos (or police) who say you need their permission to exercise your rights as a photographer. 

Since 9/11 Americans have lost many civil liberties in the name of “security”. One such liberty that is increasingly becoming an issue is the public’s right to take photos. 
It may not have happened to you yet, but many photographers (including myself) have been told by authorities to stop taking photos in public areas where I know I have a legal right to use my camera. 

In fact, its gotten so bad that the ACLU have released a great article to help inform photographers of their rights.

The article includes great info like:
"When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view. That includes pictures of federal buildings, transportation facilities, and police. Such photography is a form of public oversight over the government and is important in a free society.” 

Read the whole article here, it’s short and sweet and to the point:
And never forget to steer clear of violent kangaroos,

Matthew Armstrong

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